Profile Okienne WITAL
Profile Okienne WITAL


The Wital General Enterprise is located in Goldap within the borders of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone.

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A few words about us

The Works are situated at the Strefowa 7 Street in Gołdap covering the ground of about five hectares.

O nas kolumna lewa

The manufacturing and warehousing facilities cover the area of about 7000 square metres accommodating eleven production lines for developing door and window profiles. Two modern laminating lines of the Italian WPR company are used for laminating profiles with (but not limited to) ligniform foils (among others).

It is the leading world suppliers from the field among them
- KraussMaffei,
- Battenfeld,
- Greiner,
- Gruber,
- MTI,
- Huzap
that have provided us with tools and machinery. We enjoy state-of-the-art technological solutions available on the market. We have entered into co-operation with the suppliers of raw materials from Western Europe, among them Germany, England, The Netherlands, Sweden as well as from Poland. The quality of our products is the outcome of the merger of German technology and Polish performance. It is the creativity of our staff and its focus on continuous development that make possible the rapid improvements in quality of services offered by our company.

O nas kolumna prawa

The fully automated mixing chamber of our own allows us to make PVC-U feedstock for the production of top quality door and window profiles. Our offer includes the following window systems:
- Wital 6200 Classic (4-chamber 62mm)
- Wital 7000 Lux (5-chamber 70 mm)
- Wital Prestige (6-chamber 70 mm)
- Wital Prestige Therm – the new system for passive windows (6-chamber 86 mm)
- an offer that is complementary to the door systems as well as to the renovation profiles systems.

The expected production volume and the efficiency of our machinery park make us partners to major manufacturers of door and window woodwork in Poland as well as abroad. Our products comply with the requirements of the Polish and European PN-EN 12608 standards in respect of the production of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride profiles.

Our strength also lies in the flexible approach to each and every individual customer, as well as in our ability to tailor to meet their specific needs.

O nas wpis nad galerią

Continuous development and investments promote the improvement of our product offer. You are very much welcome to pay a visit to our Company in order to familiarize yourselves with the range of our products, as well as with the technology we have been using.

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Historia firmy

The history Wital

It is since 2006 that the Wital General Enterprise has been carrying on its business operations and enjoying the continuous growth. Constantly growing sales and systematically made investments are the evidence of our development. At present, we are one of the leading businesses of the Gołdap region.

Historia w latach

  • 2013 implementation of the “passive” 6-chamber, 86 mm system
  • 2012 implementation of the renovation profiles system and the 105 mm door system, implementation of the extrusion technology (acquisition of seven extruders)
  • 2010 construction of a 3500 square metres warehouse-facility, zacquisition of plots of ground for further investments, implementation of the 117 mm door profiles system
  • 2009 further acquisition of three assembly lines and an extension of the 70 mm system by the 6-chamber profiles, the construction of a 550 square metres mixing chamber for the production of raw material, acquisition of the PCW treatment plant as well as of a set of stirring apparatuses from the MTI German company, zacquisition of the laminating line for laminating profiles (WPR)
  • 2008 acquisition of tools for the Wital 7000 Lux system as well as 5 assembly lines, including four smart Battenfeld lines for the main profiles and one line for extension ones (Cincinnati)
  • 2007 the design by the Gruber company of the 5-chamber profile system with the development width of 70 mm.
  • 2006 construction of the production hall with the welfare and office facilities area of about 2400 square meters, acquisition of three production lines as well as of tools to support the 4-chamber system with the development width of 62 mm.
  •  budowa hali produkcyjnej z zapleczem socjalno–biurowym o powierzchni około 2400 m², zakup trzech linii technologicznych i narzędzi do systemu 4 komorowego o szerokości zabudowy 62 mm

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