Profile Okienne WITAL
Profile Okienne WITAL


Wital Prestige Therm

  • 6-chamber profile structure. Depth development of 86 mm. Large chambers ensure proper ventilation of profiles as well as the drainage of rain water.
  • The possibility of using multi-glazing solutions (sets of window panes) with the width of up to 48 mm.
  • The additional middle gasket improves acoustic and thermal parameters of windows.
  • The additional gasket in the glazing slot improves thermal characteristics of the structure.
  • Additional compounds that improve the secure fastening of hinges.
  • Deep mounting of the window pane improves the linear coefficient and as a result, the heat-transfer coefficient of the whole window frame.
  • Environmentally friendly due to the use of calcium and zinc stabilizers.
  • *for the reference window with the dimensions of 1, 48 x 1, 23 m
  • *for Ug = 0, 5 W/m2 K
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