Profile Okienne WITAL
Profile Okienne WITAL


Wital Prestige

  • 6-chamber profile system and the possibility of employing triple glazed packs affords to obtain excellent thermal and acoustic parameters
  • profiles based on calcium-zinc ecological stabilizers
  • oval-shaped frames lend the windows a distinctive and modern style and the wide reinforcing chamber ensures high stability
  • 8-millimitre frame-and-sash overlap ensures proper hermetic sealing
  • 13 mm distance of fitting slots secures the optimum protection against burglary
  • the heat-transfer coefficient for the reference window* is: Uw = 1, 0 W/m2* K (for the pane glass: Ug = 0, 7 W/m2 * K)
  • the wide variety of laminated profiles ensures the possibility of developing windows that suit various styles and tastes
  • the reference window dimensions are: 1230 mm x 1480 mm
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